DevOps drives functional collaboration, task automation, and faster innovation, ultimately leading to higher efficiency in Development and Operations. Automate delivery pipeline, remove inefficiencies, and reduce costs by making a quick shift to continuous delivery and continuous integration approach.

Infi IT Solutions facilitates a system of complete visibility across the product development pipeline, distributed responsibility across teams, and shared goals. Through DevOps, we bridge the wide gap between the development and operations teams for expedite product release.

Our Offerings

DevOps Consulting Services

Improve the quality of software builds, establish an agile culture, and release applications faster with DevOps consulting services. We harness the power of the cloud and undertake continuous integration and development to help businesses achieve desired objectives at reduced costs.

DevOps Implementation & Containerization Services

Automate end-to-end delivery pipeline, accelerate software release, and deploy and & manage container-driven workloads with DevOps Implementation & Containerization Services. Our development, operations and containerization teams work in tandem to devise a roadmap that helps businesses achieve a competitive advantage.

Azure DevOps Services

Build premium quality applications by leveraging the potential of Azure DevOps, an orchestrator, continuous delivery platform that aims at faster release whilst reducing the budget. Our DevOps professionals understand the need for modern businesses and build Azure interfaces that work smoothly across all platforms.

AWS DevOps Services

Improve your business agility with AWS DevOps Services that not only lets you automate the development cycle, but also enables you to speed up the release, accelerate cloud operations, and reduce costs. Our AWS DevOps architects know how to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

DevOps CI/CD Services

Build a robust continuous integration and delivery strategy that enables you confidently release your product’s new iterations. With our DevOps CI/CD Services, businesses establish a modernized CI/CD pipeline and are able to automate the entire product development cycle.

DevOps Release Management and Orchestration

Tailor and automate the process of release management as per your business needs with DevOps release management and orchestration. With our expert’s help, businesses can automate, optimize and streamline workflows for faster deployments.